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  • Nathan J. Wong, DDS

Are we charging a "PPE Fee"?

Several patients have asked us if we are charging a “PPE Fee” due to the added cost of our Personal Protective Equipment now that we’ve resumed routine care.

We are NOT charging our patients any additional fees due to COVID-19.

It is true that all dentists are easily spending an additional $20+ dollars per patient visit since reopening due to supply shortages, increased costs, and additional PPE.

For example:

Our masks used to cost <$1 and now cost $6-10.

Our gowns used to cost ~$1 and now cost $10-15.

We now wear face shields that cost $5-$15. Cleaning supplies and dental supplies (which we use A LOT of) have all increased significantly in price.

This is just the current reality of operating a dental office.

So while I can see why some dentists are charging their patients for the extra cost they are incurring, I’ve made the conscious decision not to pass this cost on to our patients. We are all navigating this “new normal” together and this is one small thing I can do to help our patients during this challenging time.

There are a very select few insurance plans who have been generous enough to reimburse dentists a nominal fee to cover the added PPE costs. For the few patients who have these plans, we will bill your insurance the PPE fee they've offered to pay but you as a patient will not have any out of pocket fees nor will it affect your yearly benefit maximums.

I have been so thankful for the support and understanding of our patients as we’ve resumed routine dental care. It has been such a privilege to be able to serve our community by providing the highest quality dental care to our patients again. All of our team has enjoyed catching up with our patients and seeing their smiling faces again (once they are in their treatment room and able to take their mask off, of course!)

Please let us know if you have any questions about our new protocols or if there’s any way we can help you. Thanks!!

- Nathan Wong

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